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“An offbeat, unconventional, and imaginative exploration of the human race.”

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"The Art of Hunting Humans" is a 2019 Readers' Favorite Silver Medal Winner!


"Deceptively simple and almost terrifyingly accurate, it is an unflinching examination of what drives human beings..."

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Hunting Humans

The Art of Hunting Humans - A radical and confronting explanation of the human mind

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 "Taking a satirical approach to human psychology, The Art of Hunting Humans removes the baggage from study and uncovers ideas that feel fresh and exciting."

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Such an original piece of work

This book has blown my mind, changing the way I think about myself and other humans. From exploring ignorance and our flaws to understanding the codes we use to communicate with ourselves and the world. Hidden associations we have to desires to finding out our holy grail, this book does not disappoint. Buy 10 copies to give to friends and family as gifts...

Michael Knight, Founder of Bestbookbits - The world'a largest free book summary website and platform

Humorous but potentially controversial so be prepared 

...yet also provoking readers to challenge our behaviors and negative tendencies and consider more controversial issues we may be conditioned to immediately defending.

Victoria W.

The Art of Hunting Humans is a fantastic book that starts with a simple idea and keeps expanding on it until it alters your entire view of how the human mind works.

It is a fun read that's easy to understand and hard to put down. You will find yourself "hunting" immediately after reading, and the way you look at the world will be changed forever.

Ed M.

Enlightening read with an unexpectedly hopeful ending 


Very interesting and enlightening read that (contrary to the title) leaves the reader with some hope for awakening.

Charles H.

The Art of Hunting John, Mary, Paul, Sidney...

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